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Kitchen Water Filters

As fresh clean water is vital to our survival it is necessary for us to drink a minimum of 64 fl oz each and every day. With some parts of our bodies being as much as 90% water (such as the liver) the lack of clean water can very quickly cause severe damage. Nearly all drinking water supplies need to be treated before being pumped into the home. Kitchen Water Filters remove huge amounts of organic matter and other processes ensure our drinking water is safe to drink.

Although most of the planet is covered in water there are also desert or arid places where there is hardly any water. People living in such places are far too often forced to drink poor quality water because of the scarcity of water and the lack of water filters. Many of the world’s charities have, for decades, been working to supply the technology to give these areas adequate fresh clean water supplies.

Aluminum is often found in drinking water in varying amounts. Aluminum is a highly dangerous substance which has been associated with such things as Alzheimer’s disease. Although much evidence is rather circumstantial than direct many folk are afraid of ingesting it in even the smallest amounts.

Fluoride is another chemical, found in water supplies, which is known to be poisonous. Strangely, if you read the back of many toothpastes on the market today you will notice the warnings against consumption of it, even in the smallest amounts.

The two substances mentioned above are only two of a great many substances which can be found in drinking water. With so many health scares and the need to look after ourselves by ensuring that we only eat healthy foods is it any wonder that many of us now use water filters for our drinking water. Some people are so afraid that they have massive systems installed to filter all of the household water.

There are many advantages to using water filters but the one I enjoy most, and the reason why I will always use them, is that water now tastes great. Water should be refreshing but often our tap water tastes awful. By using a water filter you will notice a vast improvement that you will quickly become accustomed to. After only a few weeks a direct comparison between your filtered water and your plain tap water may actually make you feel ill, it does me! Of course this improved flavor is carried across to all hot and cold drinks made using filtered water. In blind tests I immediately spot the difference and could no longer live without my water filter.

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