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Affordable Housing


Furthering our commitment to providing and sustaining quality affordable housing, we are examining the feasibility of a Community Land Trust (CLT).  A CLT is a non-profit organization whose board is made up of owners of CLT homes, residents of the CLT geography and other stakeholders.  This tri-partite board owns and manages the land and the stewardship programs for the entire geography for which it serves.  The CLT ensures that the homes are forever affordable and the community ownership and stewardship reduce the risk of foreclosure, incentive’s renovations and develops a culture of community wealth building.


North End CLT Community Meetings

The most recent CLT meeting took place September 29, 2011 at Metropolitan Methodist United Church.This meeting’s discussion was framed by members from the National Community Land Trust Network and garnered a great amount feedback. The Governance Council is currently reviewing the success of CLTs in cities similar to Detroit as the next step in determining the feasability of a CLT in the North End. Check back for upcoming meeting dates.

For more information, please visit the National Community Land Trust Network website at: www.cltnetwork.org


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